Thursday, April 28, 2011

"One Hell of a Place to Lose a Cow"

That is a descriptive quote by pioneer settler Ebenezer Bryce of Bryce Canyon National Park .  We arrived here after staying overnight in Page, Arizona and crossing Glen Canyon Dam at the southern end of Lake Powell.  It is a beautiful place formed from headwater erosion forming interesting shapes called Hoodoos.

We took a short hike downward, but you could go for miles and miles and get lost, just like a cow.


  1. There's still snow there? Yikes! I have a book by that same title. I thought it seemed familiar and now after reading your post, I recall that comment by old Ebenezer from when we were in Bryce long ago. The gall of that author to steal Eb's quote!

  2. What is a short hike to you? Anything in this canyon looks huge! Been to Bryce many years ago. Love those red colors.