Thursday, December 20, 2012

Fertility 2.0 Saturday September 1, 2012

Hallelujah!  Today turned out great!  It was breezy with no whiteouts or a lot of dust.  Much of the day was spent chatting.  We all have our great stories. Nailing the neighbors, promising to keep in touch, exchanging addresses, toasting with tequila, drawing a little, and riding our bikes around one last time for this year were what we did today.

More playa art:

More Art Cars:

David Best's Last Temple:

We drove out before the Burn to our overlook camping spot.  It was clear with a nearly full moon.  Just lovely.  We made it before the fireworks began.  Good timing.  Perhaps we will get an early start tomorrow.  Until next year....

Fertility 2.0 Friday August 31, 2012

Last night we were asked to supper with the Windy Gap folks from the Oroville, California area.  They are a great group of multigenerational people that share a camping theme camp, no art projects, no art cars...and new people just join in year by year.  Maybe if we return next year, we could camp near them.

Here is another camping group out near the Esplanade:

You can find many styles of camping around the playa:

In the afternoon it was so windy and dusty, I skipped the CT parade.  Really, I was going to participate this year.  We spent the time chatting to passersby.

Friday night fun:

Fertility 2.0 Thursday August 30, 2012

It was another late start, but off to the east side we went today.  We located the new Santa Cruz produced car and viewed the older one close up.  Lucy created them.

This was amazing.  I have never seen a land sailer before.  I asked a person standing near if he knew if they were going to sail it sometime.  He said, "No, it would be too dangerous.  They would not be able to stop it."  I said, "Couldn't they just drop the sails?  That is how you stop most sailboats."  I don't think he was a part of the group that created this "wind-wagon", nor was he a sailor.

Thursday was a beautiful day nearly all day.  It was a perfect night for the Burning Man Regional Burns.  I don't know how many took place at the same time, but one photo shows seven different fires surrounding the Man.  What a great idea this was.  I think I like it better than the Saturday Night Burn.  Folks are much mellower.  Everyone gets to be around a fire.  Many art cars were out with their EL wire highlighting their designs and/or shooting out fire.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fertility 2.0 Wednesday August 29, 2012

Fix It...Spill It Day.  Jim fetched ice and fixed my bike today.  I spilled my cranberry water drink all over the table and a seat in the motor home.   Later I spilled iced coffee and milk down my shirt.   We got a late start out to the playa via Hyacinth to 8:00 then along the Esplanade.  Lots to see.  Lots of photos.

Art Cars:

Playa Art:

Interactive Center Camp Keyhole Art::      

It was less windy and dusty today.  We went to Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art Class out near the Man.  There were four models and one art car that took us to two spots to sketch.  There was music and lots of flavored vodka as well as participatory prizes.  We spent about three hours drawing.

On the way back to camp we saw the lamplighters carrying out their duty to bring light to the walkways to the Man.  Then we saw the smoke ring.

Fertility 2.0 Tuesday August 28, 2012

During this week I have been reading David Byrne's Bicycle Diaries.  He travels the world's large cities on his bike commenting on the people, the culture, and the freedom of pedaling.  Burning Man is a lot like his book on a smaller scale of seeing everything from two wheels and thinking about what we are seeing and what the art might mean to each of us in our own contexts.  On both sides of us were couples from Germany.  Behind us was a couple from British Columbia. Across Hyacinth were Spanish, French, and Italian Burners.  We spent a lot of the windy whiteouts trading stories.  Occasionally we met one another out on the playa touring around on our bicycles.

Today became windy and dusty even earlier than yesterday so I only took photos of the magnificent sunken ship and its wharf.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Fertility 2.0 Monday August 27, 2012

Oh joy!  We are in a spot to stay.  It is quiet.  It seems to be developing into an international area because we hear voices emanating from the many camps springing up around us speaking languages we don't comprehend.

What's new this year?  We could call out....  In fact we called Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, and Santa Rosa.

We biked out to the playa on this clear beautiful morning.  There were several art cars already moving about.

A lot of art cars were boats.

Some were self-propelled.

This was the main entrance to Center Camp:

Some playa art was finished:

and some was not.

Do you think he really blew it up all by himself?

We each bowled a lane at the Toilet Bowl.

I cannot remember if anyone won.

The Man was white this year.  Here is part of the inside which was put together meticulously.  You could walk up to a single viewing level.

Does this  mean he is a eunuch?

The wind came up early around noon.  It was tough getting back to camp.  We holed up until it was time to go to the Art Model Camp for a session of drawing.  There were two men and one great gal who posed for us.  The dust came and went, came and went.

Center Camp Main Entrance at night with dust particles.

Center Camp Main Entrance at night without dust particles.

Art cars waiting to get night driving licenses.