Sunday, February 19, 2012

Work Party at Panoche

Oh my!  When you have friends like this, you have everything!  We only suggested starting a project...not one of ours, one of their own.  But they wanted to help US!  What can you say besides, "Come on up!"  And come up they did.  Now we have a fenced in garden area, hopefully designed to beat the jackrabbits, the kangaroo mice, and the ground squirrels... provided they don't dig below six inches, jump higher than thirty inches, or crawl through 1/4 inch hardware cloth thanks to Bill and Linda and Carla and Linny.

                        Is this how you use a post hole digger?

How many holes do we have to dig?

Is this level?  Did you say the trench needs to be six inches deep?

I should till the soil before we finish the posts and the trench.

Can we fill in this last trench or do we have to wait for the little posts?

Carla and Linny and Bill and Linda are already invited to the Harvest Party!  Thank you treasured friends!

The finished fence thanks to Linda's camera.


  1. Downright amazing process Becky!
    I see a few people I know, and admire for thier ability to WANT to plant and take care of so much.
    In Florida?
    Tell everyone hello. Enjoy your time.
    Beautiful weather here, it is more like spring/summer.

  2. This looks like an enormous undertaking. It will be such fun when you get to reap the harvest. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary