Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hydro Biking

We went to Hudson, Florida to visit long time friends, Terry and Darla.  They live part of the time in their house on the canal that leads out to the Gulf of Mexico (which you can see in the photo). Terry and Boyo decided to go Hydro Biking.   A person sits on a bicycle seat, pedals with the feet, and guides it with handle bars...just like a bike except there are floats to keep you aloft.

There are several canals to explore, and they were gone quite a long time.  It is a fun and relaxing activity provided you have a comfortable seat and don't wander out the channel to the gulf.  The Hydro Bike is only used on flat water.                             Boyo says, "It's fun!"


  1. What marvelous machines but I'm well aquainted with the temperature of British water so I'm not sure I'd want a shot on one here - I guessing the life jackets aren't a fashion accessary.

  2. I don't think the life jacket is required; for kids under 16, yes. And they were in calm, warm water. I think it is a safety issue. You could fall/slip and hit your head on a boat when passing. The life jacket would be helpful then. Boyo said the seat chafed his legs, and the seat itself was uncomfortable.