Saturday, October 16, 2010

Little Feat-Free-Clearwater Jazz Holiday

One of Boyo's favorite musical groups is Little Feat.  And we couldn't find a better place to see and hear them than at Clearwater's Jazz Holiday, their 31st annual free four day happening along the western Intercoastal Waterway of Florida.  The headliner was Doctor John (aka Night Tripper) and the Lower 911, but we were there for Dixie Chicken, one of Little Feat's long time hits.  No disappointment there.

Coolers, food, and drink were not allowed with you at the gate, just your lawn chair and enough money to buy a beer, a glass of wine, or something less powerful and your supper of which there were many reasonable choices.  On the seafood front our choices ranged from fried frog legs and gator to the usual shrimp.  There were Greek gyros, hot dogs, wood fired pizza, red beans and rice, or fresh BBQ items.  It was a beautiful warm evening no matter what you chose to eat.

The crowd was appreciative and reminiscent of our Friday night Boardwalk concerts in California except that the music started at 5 and ended at 10 pm.  Mostly it was an older crowd, but I saw this girl and her dad enjoying it all.  She asked him for the phone to take a photo.  2010 meets 1973.  Lowell George would be happy to know that his music is still making fans.

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  1. I guess you are enjoying Florida as usual. Love you post of the little girl on dads shoulders WITH a camera. Tell Jim hello, and keep on going. I love visiting your blog.