Sunday, October 30, 2011

St. Augustine, Florida

Friends recently moved to St. Augustine, so we drove from Tampa to visit them.  Walking around near the downtown Government House, there was a park with this lovely covered area where a woman was beginning to set up her wares.

 I found a plaque that explained what the space once had been:

My friend asked me how I liked the Slave Market. ????  On another, older plaque was the declaration of this same place to once have been a Slave Market.

Nearby is the Castillo de San Marcos National Monument (the old Spanish fort). We watched volunteers march and prepare to fire the cannon.

There are great views of the bay from the fort that is largely built from cut blocks of compressed coquina shells.  This wall shows what happens when gunfire and cannon fire hit it.  Not much.  It was never taken under seige.

Across the street are dozens of shops and restaurants in Historic St. Augustine.  I had the best gourmet fruit pop at Hyppo Popsicles on Hypolita Street.

We spent an afternoon at one of the many beaches around St. Augustine and had great food in two restaurants.  It is a great small city to which we intend to visit again and again.


  1. Really, you moved from one spot in Florida to another? Beautiful photographs here Becky. I love that you are keeping the blog alive.

  2. I love this town. My husband and I visited it in Fall 2004 when we took our motorhome across to the east coast and down to Florida then back over to Salton Sea California. I so would love to take more time in Florida again. But boy it that a long drive.