Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Three Times Through Yellowstone

When you find yourself in the NW corner of Wyoming, it is possible to traverse Yellowstone National Park several times while rarely taking the same road twice enabling you to see nearly everything the park has to offer.

The first time through we walked along a boardwalk to see hot pots. Some were extremely colorful. Near here Boyo had a close view encounter with a many pointed antlered elk and his three female companions.

We were stopped along the road by bison.  This mother and calf were right next to our car. Over the course of our time in Yellowstone, we saw several hundred American Buffalo in many herds.

Waterfalls are throughout the park.  These Lower Falls were the only place we saw any yellow stone.

Many fisher folk were wading, casting, and hoping for a trout to grab their fly in the Yellowstone River.

The second time through we entered via the Roosevelt Arch in Gardiner, Montana.

There were several good grizzly viewing areas with slow water, meadows, and nearby forests, but we did not see any our whole trip.  A fellow tourist kindly pointed out the very black retreating back of a black bear at one point along the road, but other than that, the bears were frustratingly invisible.

The route took us in the opposite direction of Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce in their flight from General Howard in 1877.

The final time through Yellowstone on this trip we saw Old Faithful erupt.  I think this was my third time, the first at 9 years old and the second at 19 years old.  Boyo said it was his second time.

The dark blue color of fresh water in the park was striking.   I imagine the animals don't care as long as it is clear and life giving.

On our way out of the park for the last time, we pulled over to cast out with our binoculars to see what we might see.  We saw a black wolf wandering around in a meadow far away...too far away for a photo.  In the last curve before actually leaving the park, several vehicles were off to each side of the road.  A mama moose and her young calf were munching the grasses of late summer.  We really appreciate how lucky we are in being able to see these animals in the wild.

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  1. One can never stop getting bored from seeing Yellowstone National park. I just wish for a second visit. The last time there was about 40 years ago. I wish I had the travel bug like you do, but always seem to find excuses that I can't go. Thanks for sharing yours