Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Woods Lake, California

On our way to Burning Man 2012 we stopped for a night at Woods Lake.  It is a beautiful camping area well off but close to Highway 88 that summits at Carson Pass in the Sierra Mountains at 8,574 feet (2,613 m).  There are other Eldorado National Forest places to camp, but this one is the best, and this was our third time here.  It is small, quiet, and mostly filled with tent campers.  Our 22 foot motor home just fits a campsite parking spot.

Woods Lake is near the Pacific Crest Trail, but we only hiked Lost Mine Trail. An abandoned car provided a resting place on the way up to Round Top Lake.

Wildflowers are still abundant in late August.

The red fruit is currants, a favorite munchy of bears...and other wild animals.

Snow is still on the mountains above Round Top Lake.

Heading back down to Woods Lake.


  1. What a beautiful place. The best kept secret here. I love trees and water. A great spot for you two to rest before the time on the playa.

  2. Another beautiful place you have found. I so wish we had a small motorhome for getting into places like this. Ours is only 26' but still too big for most places and campsites. I loved when we used our camper on our truck, but got tired of climbing into that overhead bed over the dinette. So you were off to burning man. I saw recently photos of it. Do you guys dress up crazy and all? May you also find some fall colors to brighten your days ahead. Happy Wondering.

  3. Between wandering about and generally not being connected, loads of blogs are passing me by, including this one. I catch up eventually.
    This all looks lovely and peaceful.
    Between this and the burning man, I'd say you have a balanced cultural diet :)