Monday, December 17, 2012

Fertility 2.0 Sunday August 26, 2012

The view to our left:

The view to our right:

The gates opened at 6 pm, so we are now at the head of our line and ready to drive in to choose a camping spot.  But we are rooted in place because no one can see where to drive in the whiteout.  It must clear before we are given the go ahead wave.

We are at our chosen spot of 4:45 and Hyacinth before 8 pm.  WOW!   It seems too good to be true.  While it was still light and so nice out, we walked out to the playa.  At the end of 5:00 was an amazing long wharf leading to a sunken ship.  It was so well crafted, and shot out fire, too, of course.

Our corner was too good to be true.  It's hard to tell early on about what your neighbors will be doing--like playing rap music all night long- which seems to be what was happening to us.  After conversing with the only human making the music within the 100 feet of loud sound, we headed west down Hyacinth.  The first place we picked had a full blast generator going.  I guess they can't leave home without....  Our next stop on Hyacinth between 5:30 and 6:00 was quiet. This could be our home for the week.


  1. What a scene arriving there and couldn't even see to get your spot.

  2. Good pictures of the white out - looks like the guys in the first picture are refusing to let it ruin their fun.