Friday, February 8, 2013

A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving. –Lao Tzu

Jim drives north...not to anywhere in particular...just towards a beach.  The weather has definitely changed into the high 80s to mid 90s.  It is summer for the people of Chile, and they pack the beaches and the beach communities.  I try to navigate around the congested areas with our limited maps.  Most days we are map challenged; other days we sail away.  As we leave the south, we have seen many vineyards and land planted in vegetables.  We have eaten succulent nectarines and melons.

In the plaza of Santa Cruz, Chile, a redwood tree grows alongside the palms.

On the road to Navidad the landscape becomes much drier.

It is so dry that cactus grows here.

From a lookout in the mountains that run along the coast, it looks like California.

Metal sculptures dominate the lookout.

Finally we see the Pacific Ocean.  The waves are big enough for surfers.  On the way out a car with a protruding surfboard zooms past.

In San Antonio we join the melee, get some pesos, have a refresco (Coke), pass through a giant mall with a casino downstairs to arrive at an extended wharf (really a boardwalk) with hundreds of other Chilean families.  Treats are available.

Pelicans wait for the debris from the fish market to be pushed off the deck.

San Antonio is Chile's port city.

So many fish and shellfish.

The sea lion colony also gets sustenance from the tourists and the fish market.

Beach foot traffic.  "Beep!  Beep!"

Our handmade rebar BBQ.

                                     February 6-7-8, 2013

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