Saturday, February 2, 2013

The earth belongs to anyone who stops for a moment, gazes and goes on his way… -Colette

We fly back to Punta Arenas late in the afternoon, so we are continuing to see Puerto Williams on foot.  At our hostal, we met a couple on sabbatical from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.  The woman was studying the parrots in the area, and the man was studying quantum physics.  They suggested we visit the museum.

This is the very modern interactive Martin Gusinde Anthropological Museum with a whale skeleton.      

A most unique residence.

This is a village inhabited by the indigenous people, the Ukika.

The Ukika had a park along a river that we followed for a mile or so that led back to Puerto Williams.

We saw a magallanic woodpecker couple.  The female posed nicely, but her mate was blurry in any photo I tried to take of him.

Chilean sculpture at the top of the trail.

Nearby was this typical rodeo arena.  The rodeos have many more horse activities than our rodeos do.

We ate lunch just outside the rodeo arena surrounded by horses.

We did not go into Argentina for several reasons.  That is another trip.  This is a partial view from our 8 passenger plane of Ushuaia, Argentina, on Tierra del Fuego, which was just down the Beagle Channel from Puerto Williams.

                                   January 26, 2013.

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