Friday, February 13, 2015

The Weird and the Still There in West Texas

Mysterious animals and structures appear in West Texas.  All of these we have seen more than once.

Camels and other animals such as zebras and various antelopes are always around.

Tethered Border Spy Blimp

The Prada Store is in the absolute middle of nowhere.  It is never open, and, I think, someone changes the shoes.

A section of a wind turbine is on its way to be installed.

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  1. I've seen exotic animals in east Texas but not west. The Prada store is always a favorite place to stop. There is a barren rest area alongside the railroad tracks I always stop at for lunch. I can't remember if it is before or after Valentine. Did you go to Marfa in the evening to see the mysterious lights? I had a good time watching one of those wind turbines negotiate a right hand turn off of Main Street in a small Kansas town. Very impressive piece of driving by the truck driver.