Saturday, July 11, 2015

Bird Watching

In late March we were invited to go bird watching at Circle B Bar Reserve near Lake Hancock southeast of Lakeland, Florida.  It was a lovely overcast day in which we saw over 45 different species of birds.

Jim and I followed our Canadian birder experts:  Sue, Mick, Reid,


and Margaret.

Some of the birds we saw included an anhinga,

a limpkin,

a popular sand hill crane family,

Bald eagles,

a Common Gallinule, a roseate spoonbill,

and a great blue heron.

Lake Hancock had many, many lurking alligators.

Circle B Bar Reserve has many trails and ecosystems in which to find birds.  Our knowledgeable birders determined that we were a little late in being able to see even more birds.  What do we know?  It was a great day with lots of animals and the varied and beautiful landscape of Florida.

Cypress Trees

Mangrove Knees

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