Friday, July 17, 2015


Mexico City was the first stop-over on our way to the beach.  Oaxaca was our second stop-over.  Arriving by bus after a long, but scenic, ride from Mexico City, we located our room then walked to the main plaza area.  One area was nearly covered with tents belonging to teachers who were striking for higher pay and better working conditions.  Posters of the university students recently killed were strung up also.  The tents and posters confused us and angered the citizens of Oaxaca who believe their plazas are being co-opted, limiting their enjoyment of their public space.

A wedding procession was in progress along one of the pedestrian streets.  Guests dressed all in white and holding colorful lanterns followed the dancing bride and groom.

I took a bus out to Monte Alban to see the ruins.  The ball court is minus its ring.

The steps are steep.  It was a trek to the top, but the views were great.

Another smaller ruin was off to the north above the valleys that comprise the Oaxaca area.

We drove out to Hierve El Agua, an area created by mineral deposits long ago.

Much gringo activity, many wonderful restaurants, tasty mezcal, indigenous ruins, and bountiful artisan diversity characterizes Oaxaca.

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