Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Poros to Agia Efimia on Kefalonia- May 18, 2017

It had been a rough night trying to sleep with rubbing and squeaking lines due to the wind and wave movement.  An added springline at 3 am made it tolerable until everything died down.

In the morning the wind was up again, and we all were eager to be sailing.  The captain took the helm.

Just before lunch, we tied up in Agia Efimia.  The small village is popular with tourists because it is so attractive. 

Clorinda II

Agia Efimia is not a large village, but it had a big variety of fresh produce available in the market.

 After another amazing supper of baby back pork ribs, prawns, steak, stuffed tomatoes and stuffed peppers, hummus with pita, chips, Greek salad, green salad, and wine, we were given small, shot glass sized chocolate covered ice creams that you can see in the glass fronted freezer below.   Then we had to walk around the village where we saw more of the most delicious looking breads, pastries, and ice creams.  Of course, we purchased several pastries for tomorrow's lunch.


  1. Yum. Eating your way across the Aegean, or is it Ionian.

    1. It is the Ionian, David, on the west side of Greece with Italy on the far side.