Thursday, August 31, 2017

Vathy on Ithaca to Poros on Kefalonia- May 17, 2017

With bright spirits, despite the gloomyish day, Jim and John led us out of Vathy. 

The round buildings are repurposed windmills.

 We stopped at German Bay for a delicious lunch of leftovers, spinach pie, and Pimm's cup.  I went swimming , but the warm shower afterwards was what I looked forward to most... with soap to wash my hair.

Facing directly into the wind, we motored to Poros on southern Kefalonia.  Few boats were here because it is almost too far south for the regular flotilla groups to reach.

After arrival drinks and snacks and a bit of a lie down, Jim and I went for a walk around the south side of Poros to see the large ferry.  I wonder what the sign says.  I recognize that there is a problem if a car is driven too close to the edge of the pier.

Soon we found a most unique bar and restaurant that was built into the rock formation.  It had a great view of the sea.

Supper was up and over the hill to the northern part of the town.  With numerous restaurants to choose from, we had tuna pizza, lamb chops, swordfish, broad beans, french fries, skordalia with dipping bread, Greek salad, wine, and a nutella crepe with ice cream.

An old American car drew John's attention. 

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