Saturday, August 12, 2017

Layover in London

Our hotel was near the Speaker's Corner of Hyde Park, so after settling in from our long flight, we began our walk through the park.  It was a delightful, sunny afternoon with many Londoners enjoying the warmth and peace of the day.  Spring was definitely in the air with many flowers blooming.

Continuing through Mayfair, we saw a milliner's display.  This shoppe will probably provide many of the ladies' accessories for the upcoming Royal Ascot Races later in June.

Although this was my third trip into London, the British Museum is always on my list of places to visit.  You cannot walk in directly anymore, of course.  Any bag you bring with you must be investigated, but this fount of antiquities is still free to visit.

As a sixth grade teacher who taught early civilizations, the Rosetta Stone was the one antiquity I always had to see again and again.  Having been to Egypt to view the pyramids and tombs, I have had misgivings about advanced cultures finding, taking, and shipping home the bountiful discoveries of early explorers and archaeologists.  But due to all the unrest and wanton destruction of irreplaceable buildings, statuary, and artifacts of the world's earliest civilizations, I am more comfortable with and thankful for their actions.

The Old Red Lion on High Holborn became a favorite pub of ours.  These steep stairs led up to the restaurant and the ladies' room.

I had never been to Covent Garden.  We just passed by this tourist highlight on our walk through various neighborhoods.

Jim's youngest daughter took us for an afternoon glass of wine to one of her favorite spots, Neal's Yard.  It is out of the way, small, quiet, and restful.

Window dressing...?  Selfridges would be aghast!

After attending an evening play near Leicester Square, we walked back to our hotel along Regent Street.

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