Thursday, August 10, 2017

Would You Rather...

Would you rather see the Vermillion Cliffs or raft the Colorado River?  We have friends that swear by the Vermillion Cliffs.  On our way home to California, we followed US89A to see the cliffs.  Our first stop was at the Navajo Bridge Interpretive Center.  You can walk to the bridge(s) and view the Colorado River in both directions.

Since we were driving a little rental Toyota car, we chose to go to Lees Ferry which was one of the very few places to cross the Colorado River before any bridge was built.

Lees Ferry is where you might start your rafting trip downriver through the Grand Canyon.

We walked the Spencer Trail upriver from the raft landing and saw four beautiful horses.

A motorboat headed north towards Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell near Page, Arizona.

Driving back out to the highway then west along the southern edge of Vermillion Cliffs, we saw unusual rocks carved from wind erosion.

Our limited views only hint at what one could possibly see wandering onto the dirt roads and trails into this national monument.  Online there are photos of amazing views that await the off-road adventurer.

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