Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cleveland in the Fall

October 21-22-23-24, 2013

Cleveland?  Why would anyone go to Cleveland, you may well ask.  We went to visit our friends Maggie and Tim, and found an amazing city.

It was fall.  Those few days we were in Cleveland were also the city's first strikingly cold days after a wonderfully warm summer.  Temperatures were in the high 30's, and there was a chilling wind blowing off Lake Erie. The leaves were still in glorious color, but we had to layer up, borrow warm clothing, and buy a new scarf for our three day whirlwind tour.

Our first real, and nearly continuous, exposure to Cleveland was its Emerald Necklace which is the Cleveland Metroparks, "an extensive system of nature preserves of Greater Cleveland".

Rocky River

Berea Falls

Wager Beach

                                            Hinckley Lake

Onward Cleveland Tourists....


  1. Even Cleveland has a pretty side to it. Go visit Maggie and Tim NOW and bring back some pictures.

  2. Most places have some beautiful places around it. Glad you found them.