Monday, January 13, 2014

Guitars! Guitars! Everywhere You Look in Cleveland

 University Circle

Tower City

Welcome Hub

We drove past the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with its current exhibit about the Rolling Stones, but it would have taken us hours upon hours to really see it. There is tons more that we drove past that we did not stop and see.  That is for our next trip to Cleveland.  Thanks Maggie and Tim for a great tour!  We'll be back!


  1. Love these guitars. They remind me of the Berlin Bears, the Chicago Cows, and the Des Moines Pigs we've seen over the past many years.

    My husband and I toured the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame a couple of years ago. We spent three hours and left only because we had 'places to go' yet that day. It was truly amazing.

  2. Wow I never would have thought of Cleveland of all the things you share in your last few blogs about your trip there. Seems to have plenty to see and do there. Isn't is Burning Man time around now. That's on my bucket list. Till then I am filling buckets with berries, red currants, raspberries, saskatoons black currants and cherries. I am sure when they are finished something else will be ripe. Thanks for stopping in at my Creations by Here I Am Facebook page. I wish I had more time for that persuit. Well right now I get in what I can when it comes to being creative. Hope your having a wonderful summer both of you..