Saturday, January 11, 2014

Drive By Cleveland Art


I really enjoy seeing art in any city.  Cleveland is no exception.
Their utility boxes in University Circle are being covered by artists, just like in Santa Cruz.  
We walked by these, and I just had to take photos.  Tim remarked that he had never noticed them before I had stopped to take a picture of them.  
And he liked them very much, too.  
Click on the pictures to see the artist's name and greater detail.

Cleveland has a lot of churches.  We only went inside two of them.  This was a particularly lovely stained glass window in one we drove by.  
I did not see its name.

It was fall in October, but sparkling snowflakes were being hung in a tree near the Cleveland Botanical Garden.

Occasionally there was the odd piece that would make you wonder why it was there.  Any guesses?  
Perhaps a nod to spring and the joy of those first flowers to appear.

Murals are wonderful art, too.  Perhaps this one advertises a nearby bar in Tremont?

This mural was appropriately near the West Side Market in Ohio City.

This was the best utilitarian piece of art I saw.  I love it!!  It was also in 
Ohio City.

Sometimes man made elements are very artistic if you just stop and notice them.  
The birds will help you out.

Okay, this is an old house. 
 But it is where Maggie and Tim's video store used to be.  It's part of the tour.  
It seems to have been repurposed many times.

This is one of the first electric street lights developed by Charles F. Brush in Cleveland downtown on the Public Square.

Oh my!  Where have we seen this before?  
Of course, it is the lamp from A Christmas Story that was partly filmed in Cleveland.  
You can find this at the Welcome Hub near the Public Square.

What do Jim Thorpe, Halle Berry and Life Savers have in common?  
Cleveland, of course!  
Be sure to enlarge the photo to see more of Cleveland's firsts and headliners.
This mural is next door and behind the West Side Market. 

In our three day stay in Cleveland, I learned about many firsts that happened in Cleveland and about many people who hail from Cleveland.  It is quite a list.  
After visiting New York City, I have developed a theory about Cleveland.  
I think many folks found New York to be too crowded, so they looked for a similar place not too far away in which to create, develop new ideas, and conduct their affairs.  
Cleveland was born. 
It really is an amazing city!

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