Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cleveland's Playhouse Square

Heading west on Euclid Avenue, we were regaled with tales of Tim and his Alma mater, Cleveland State University, and we took a detour through the Student Bookstore.

However, our destination was Playhouse Square.  After Lincoln Center in New York, Playhouse Square is the second largest theater complex in the United states.  It is an actor's and a theater-goer's dream of five main theaters:  The Allen Theater, The Hanna Theater, The Ohio Theater, the State Theater, and the Palace Theater.  Others have been added.  Take a minute to read about these various venues, their resurrection, and their renovation.  If you click on a picture it will enlarge so you can see detail.

               Maybe on our next trip to Cleveland we will go to a play.

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  1. You don't always have to go to Europe to see such beautiful buildings. Well the snow is getting higher at my place so time for the snowbirds to head south to the desert. Wishing you two a wonderful winter fill with lots of adventures.