Thursday, January 26, 2017

Off to Isla Isabela

The Galapagos Islands really are not all that big.  Isabela is the largest with five active volcanoes and one dormant one.  Puerto Villamil is its only town of mostly dirt roads.  In a ferry boat (fast power boat) that was only supposed to take 2 hours, we arrived after 3 1/2 hours because only two of its three engines was working!  Walking into the village from the pier was a great way to stretch our legs.

After crashing at El Rincon de George, we found the malecon and started walking down the long beach.

We do not expect to see big crabs, but these Sally Lightfoot crabs are very common.

An unusual sound came from a corner of the small plaza area.  A woman was tooting a trumpet, not really playing anything.  She put her trumpet away, got out a book and proceeded to read/recite for some time.  

The sun was giving the church a beautiful color so we knew it was time to go back to the beach.

Puerto Villamil sits in a great position for sunsets.

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