Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Rest of the Day

We packed a lot into my birthday,  Before seeing the tortoises, we stopped at Los Gemelos which are large sinkholes that formed near the time of the active volcano of Isla Santa Cruz eons ago.  They are amidst the scalesia forest of these highlands.

Darwin's Finches are everywhere.  There are 13 species.

After seeing the tortoises, we entered a lava tunnel.  When the outside of a lava flow cooled, the rest of the lava continued to flow out and away leaving empty tubes.

Our taxi tour ended up back in Puerto Ayora.  We had read about the fresh fish market, but we did not know it was run by the women.

Frigate birds and pelicans awaited any scraps to be dropped.

The Charles Darwin Research Center was nearby.  A different species of tortoise is being cared for here as are some land iguanas which are yellow and orange.  The word galapagos means saddle in Spanish, and these tortoises have shells that do look like saddles.

Charles and I had a hand holding moment.

On our way to Happy Hour, these guys were impeding our way.

I am a big fan of local art, and Puerto Ayora had its share.

Some of these folks thought it was highly funny when I tried to take a photo of the big tortoise sculpture.

It was another great birthday!

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