Monday, January 30, 2017

Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, San Cristobal Galapagos

Having changed our flight back to Quito from Baltra Island to San Cristobal Island with no penalty and gaining an extra day, we bought a ferry ticket to Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, its only town.  Casa Blanca became our home for seeing the area.

The artist owner, Jaqueline Vazquez, designed and decorated everything.  Our first room had amazing sea life paintings inside, even the ceiling.

Our second room had sea views inside and outside.

Walking up and down the malecon, Puerto Baquerizo Moreno is a pleasant little village.  Those stone steps are tricky.

Each morning we had our breakfast provided by Casa Blanca's restaurant.

A fountain shows the 13 islands of the Galapagos.

A white crowned night heron and a green heron visit the fountain.

Finches favored the flowers of the big opuntia cactus. 

Sea lions make themselves comfortable anywhere.

The sea lions are the real show of the malecon.  Someone told us they had only started appearing at the malecon six years ago.  I will revisit them in another post.

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  1. It looks fine. Have you seen an active volcano belching high in the sky? I was lucky to see one.