Thursday, September 30, 2010

Burning Man 2010 Rap Up

One of the Rovers with Burner gifts
I love Burning Man.  We had heard about it years before we actually started going.  And before I quit nattering on about 2010, I wanted to mention two more important aspects of Burning Man that I really hadn't written anything about before, especially for you who have never been there before.

First is that no money changes hands at Burning Man.Yes, you do pay a big ticket price to get in for the week, but if you are on the email list, you know when the tickets for the coming Burn are first put on sale, which are the cheapest ones.  The longer you dither about going, the more it will cost you.   Of course, it used to be free.  But that belongs in another post about what it used to be.  It is what is now...we have to live with that...there is no going back with over 51,000 people attending.  Okay, you can buy ice which benefits the Gerlach community.  And you can buy coffee, etc. at Center Camp. But THAT IS IT!  If you missed out, go read about BM as a gifting society, or better yet, visit the Burning Man web site.

S-Car-Go  (Totally Solar Powered)
Second is about participation.  I have mostly written about playa art.  That is significant, but so much goes on everywhere. Many Burners (as we are called after attending a Burn) create a theme camp and devise interactive events.  There is a printed guide that tells you about almost everything going on...when and where...activities galore. Just reading it every day is an activity.  Of course, it is important to read it ahead of each new day, and I don't think a lot of folks do, or so many more would show up at the activity if they did.  You can participate in so much.  In the past I have made tassels (yes, those kind), formed a clay star cup and glazed it before it was fired on the playa, learned some knot tying, and participated in the CT Parade.  Pretty tame stuff really, yet interesting and fun. I still have those tassels and that cup.

The Many Faces of  Hope and Fear

There are discussions, debates, socials, teas, cider, hurricane, home brew, sangria, margarita, martini, whiskey, wine, and bloody Mary parties.   All graciously provided by your Black Rock City community.

Many people try to set group world records, such as fire eaters, hula hoopers, stilt walkers, and fire dancers.  You can find all kinds of music, dance, and performances, with fire included, to view or to get involved.

Hells Bells

Our participation over the years as artists has been important to us.  The second year we went, Boyo brought into being those nine incredible Rovers visiting from the other side of Scorpio, and I created their Mothership.  As he designed and built S-Car-Go, I made Your Psyche's Wish.  Next were Boyo's Hells Bells and my Many Faces of Hope and Fear. S-Car-Go continued to evolve while he created the Sundial with Chimes.   This year we had no car, no project, just old tennis balls for your kickstand.

Nighttime S-Car-Go

Now it is time to begin preparing for Burning Man 2011 Rites of Passage. Will you be a part of it? Will I?


  1. Nice pictures that bring back nice memories. You wrote "...there is no going back with over 51,000 people attending." That can be interpreted two different ways, but I think I know what you meant until that closing line "Will I?" Now I am wondering. CT Parade. What is that? Do you have pictures?

  2. Think, think...Friday afternoon? Lots with beautiful paint jobs. This is a family blog!

  3. Yeah well I have the memory in my head, and always will. How fun participating in that Friday event for a good 9 years. The last time I did it I got lost. How is that possible? Well if you knew me you would know. Great post here Becky and Jim. I remember you setting up your project of Faces and Fear, and Jim running around after his solar cars that got away from him. Then he built a REAL solar unit for you guys to cruise around in. We rode with you a few times. I LOVE that you are keeping your blog alive!

  4. Sounds like a truely magnificent event. Highly impresses, I am.

  5. Hope you can get those Bells ringing soon!

  6. Finally made time to look at your blog - just terrific photos of the playa art, a great article on Dylan, terrific photos of you both all over - thanks so much Becky and Jim! Love, Randy