Sunday, September 26, 2010

BM Wednesday September 1, 2010

Another beautiful day!  Cloudless and no wind.  The weather was getting warmer.  Seeing art on the playa was naturally on the agenda for our day.

We heard the Kinetic Art Cars were going to be on the playa as self-propelled taxis.  They are such amazing, beautiful vehicles that are built to run (and race) on land or water solely through human pedal power.   Races take place around the USA yearly.

I found Anti M, a woman who provides a venue for unwanted art to find a new home, over on 4:00.  Last year I took home several pieces.  This year I took none, but I left several pairs of earrings for new owners.

I climbed the man- three flights.  There were gargoyles on each of the four corners at the top.  At night he was mostly lit with green and pink neon.

We saw the very nice Dragon Labyrinth.  The artist was one of our fellow life drawing devotees.  She was a gallery owner from Calaveras County, California.

Some art is more of a statement: many trophies around a skeleton in a coffin; a heap of debris including an old ripped chair, a colorful empty stage...  all part of a Metropolis.

As for the continuing saga of the noisy generator back at camp...Boyo talked to the owner again, this time trying to convince him to move a car in front of the area of the noise to block the sound because the plywood didn't really help very much.  The owner wanted to move the looked bad, it touched the paint of the motor home.  What to do?  What to do?  The owner left saying he would move a car.  There wasn't any action, just talk, and Boyo moved the plywood back in place.

Brief describes our foray out to the Esplanade (the first parallel street) tonight. The mutant art cars were moving all around lighting up their immediate areas.

This moving sphere changed colors from blue to red and back again every few minutes.  We found a ride on a bus from which we could not see out, but it did take us across the mile+ playa from 3:00 to 9:00.  The night was warm, and we sat and watched the lit walkers make their way up and down our street.


  1. I remember Anti M. That is one of the things I will miss most by not being there. Meeting up with people you have become friends with over the years. The interesting fact is that most meetings are not planned but chance encounters. Coming across a few among 50,000 is pretty amazing.

  2. I completely agree; isn't that one of the reasons we go?