Monday, September 27, 2010

BM Thursday September 2, 2010

We decided to move today because the generator problem wouldn't stop or go away.  Since this group wasn't very conservative during their week on the playa, they needed the honey pot drivers to come and relieve them of their burdens.  Then they ran an even noisier pump to run water from their water trailer to all their RVs.

There was just one tiny, little reason we couldn't leave until mid afternoon.  The eye sugeon from the group to our left had pulled in and parked his SUV exactly in the spot to block us from leaving.  He had had an adventurous evening the night before and was sound asleep.  Apparently no one knew where the keys were.  Since it was another gorgeous day, we pedaled out to the playa to see the areas we had missed.  There was also time to do some more life drawing.

I found a wonderful homage to Richard Serra.

We moved over to about 5:15 on Jakarta.  (Some signs replaced it with Jerusalem.)  Our neighbors were scattered individuals, no roundups, no square ups.  It looked great.  One guy had a motor home with the ubiquitous generator running, but it was a lot quieter.  Hopefully, he would turn it off after an hour or so.  That night we wandered around the SE quadrant.

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