Tuesday, September 28, 2010

BM Saturday September 4, 2010

It was windy; so much so that we feared it would be like last year when the Burning of the Man was delayed by a couple of hours.  Short white outs were happening.  We decided to leave early...BEFORE the burn.  This is serious.  Well, we have seen many burns, extremely close up, from afar, and in between.  It can be downright scary, especially when the wind creates fire vortexes like fire tornadoes.  But the Burn is the catharsis.   It is why a lot of people go to Burning Man.  For others it is the cycle of life:  birth, life, death, rebirth.  I am not sure what it is for me; maybe that is why I still go.  I go to see the art. People create the most amazing things.

And one of the most amazing works of art at Burning Man is always the temple.  The first temple, Temple of the Mind, and many others after were created by David Best.   These most beautiful structures on the playa are for public expressions of grief.   People create the most moving tributes in words and pictures to their lost ones.  Sometimes the memorials are searingly angry; some are extremely forgiving; most are just saying goodbye.  The temple is a highly emotional place. It is hard for me to be in one for very long.  This year's temple, Temple of Flux, created by many from the Flaming Lotus Girls was very different, but incredibly beautiful in its own right; and a glorious burn on Sunday night, if the pictures are close to reality.

When you leave early, you not only miss the Burning of the Man on Saturday, you miss the Burning of the Temple on Sunday (which we have never seen). But by leaving early, you can get off the playa in 20 minutes.  Think of that!


  1. GREAT photos and posting of the playa. No did not think you two would leave before the end. But I know what the white outs are like and the scary high winds with fire. I had heard there was less art this year. Guessing the economy does not help. I will never forget the house of real pianos many years ago, and the big frozen ball of clocks. It dripped away to nothing. I am glad you guys went and had fun. Getting off the playa in 20 minutes is unheard of!! Keep in touch and I will keep checking in here.

  2. Okay, so I pay $300 for a ticket, arrive at the gate at O-dark thirty on TUESDAY morning, park on the perimeter road, set out a chair next to the RV (nothing else), ride out and see everything on the playa Wednesday (everything worth seeing can now be seen in one day), avoid Center Camp, hang with neighbors in the Outer Limits on Thursday and Friday, then leave SATURDAY morning thus avoiding the mass Exodust.
    Is that how it is to be done?

    I'm with you regarding the Temple. It is a very difficult place to visit, beautiful yet sad. I don't last long either.

  3. Having never been to BM,your pics and posts were really fascinating,I'll be looking for future posts.

  4. Most kind words. Thank you. Thank you.

    Yes, that is how it is done-sometimes. But if we could manage to get a group of us old geezers, oops, I mean, friends to go again or who have never gone before, we would see the man burn and stay for the temple burn. I would love to see a temple burn. We should have stayed and watched it in 2009 when I left the memorial for Walt.

  5. What a great sounding festival. I discover your blog just as your leaving so have read the burning man in reverse (as far I go you've just bought your vegetables and arrived). Excellent pictures of strange things to see and so much blue sky.