Tuesday, September 28, 2010

BM Friday September 3, 2010

The wind started up today forming funnels which actually create a shadow on the ground.  I never knew that until I almost got caught in one while riding on my bike.  Some people try hard to get caught.  The wind did not stop all day, but it did not create white outs as sometimes happens.  It also did not stop us from spending three hours life drawing.  The models would sit from a minute up to 15 minutes.  You had to learn to sketch quickly sometimes.

That evening, Pat, our neighbor to the east came over and introduced himself. He is a big land owner in the corner of Nevada next to Oregon and California who builds and restores stagecoaches by remaking everything utilizing his blacksmith shop.  Judy, his wife and life partner, are dedicated individualists living off the land, honoring the traditions of the past and rejoicing in living life at its fullest.  In case Burning Man gets kicked off BLM land, the festival may move to his property.

Across the street was a Seattle pizza group with a mobile pizza oven.  Each evening they fired up the oven with applewood to produce the BEST PIZZA ON THE PLAYA in about 90 seconds to pass out to everybody.  What a treat!  Their group included an Oregon beekeeper who provided the honey for the yeast in the pizza dough.  He regaled us of bee tales for at least an hour.  We also ran into an old friend from Southern California.  There are lots of interesting folks in the outer reaches of Black Rock City.  And it was such a good time that we did not even go out to the playa.

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  1. I enjoyed reading this post as it re-instilled within me one of the real reasons for going to Burning Man - the people. As it seems our old neighborhood at 5 o'clock and F thru H is no longer the same as in past years, the Outer Limits is now the place to be. I loved riding within the whirlwinds.