Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fertility 2.0 Tuesday August 28, 2012

During this week I have been reading David Byrne's Bicycle Diaries.  He travels the world's large cities on his bike commenting on the people, the culture, and the freedom of pedaling.  Burning Man is a lot like his book on a smaller scale of seeing everything from two wheels and thinking about what we are seeing and what the art might mean to each of us in our own contexts.  On both sides of us were couples from Germany.  Behind us was a couple from British Columbia. Across Hyacinth were Spanish, French, and Italian Burners.  We spent a lot of the windy whiteouts trading stories.  Occasionally we met one another out on the playa touring around on our bicycles.

Today became windy and dusty even earlier than yesterday so I only took photos of the magnificent sunken ship and its wharf.


  1. I still can't believe all the wonderful sites and people you must meet there. I had google the burning man and went to a site where this photographer has been taking photos for 9 years and has his best shots posted. So beautiful some of the scenes.