Monday, December 17, 2012

Fertility 2.0 Monday August 27, 2012

Oh joy!  We are in a spot to stay.  It is quiet.  It seems to be developing into an international area because we hear voices emanating from the many camps springing up around us speaking languages we don't comprehend.

What's new this year?  We could call out....  In fact we called Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, and Santa Rosa.

We biked out to the playa on this clear beautiful morning.  There were several art cars already moving about.

A lot of art cars were boats.

Some were self-propelled.

This was the main entrance to Center Camp:

Some playa art was finished:

and some was not.

Do you think he really blew it up all by himself?

We each bowled a lane at the Toilet Bowl.

I cannot remember if anyone won.

The Man was white this year.  Here is part of the inside which was put together meticulously.  You could walk up to a single viewing level.

Does this  mean he is a eunuch?

The wind came up early around noon.  It was tough getting back to camp.  We holed up until it was time to go to the Art Model Camp for a session of drawing.  There were two men and one great gal who posed for us.  The dust came and went, came and went.

Center Camp Main Entrance at night with dust particles.

Center Camp Main Entrance at night without dust particles.

Art cars waiting to get night driving licenses.


  1. Enjoying this. Miss the dust but not the rap music and generators.

  2. Oh what an adventure it must be to attend this event. I really do have to make a must do in my bucket list, I will have to remember to bring ear plugs. Yeh the dust must get pretty bad sometimes. But I bet only the die-hards stay then. Wishing you guys a wonderful Christmas, we will be heading south mid January.

  3. What we need over this side of the pond is a few thousand square miles of desert and we could have a knees up on this scale. Looks like great fun again :)