Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fertility 2.0 Wednesday August 29, 2012

Fix It...Spill It Day.  Jim fetched ice and fixed my bike today.  I spilled my cranberry water drink all over the table and a seat in the motor home.   Later I spilled iced coffee and milk down my shirt.   We got a late start out to the playa via Hyacinth to 8:00 then along the Esplanade.  Lots to see.  Lots of photos.

Art Cars:

Playa Art:

Interactive Center Camp Keyhole Art::      

It was less windy and dusty today.  We went to Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art Class out near the Man.  There were four models and one art car that took us to two spots to sketch.  There was music and lots of flavored vodka as well as participatory prizes.  We spent about three hours drawing.

On the way back to camp we saw the lamplighters carrying out their duty to bring light to the walkways to the Man.  Then we saw the smoke ring.


  1. Ships on the playa seem to be the popular theme. I like that locomotive. Nice to see some art projects despite the lack of $$$