Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I think that maybe we do not climb a mountain because it is there. We climb it because we are here. –Jon Carroll

Our second day into Torres del Paine continued the above normal temperature of 24 degrees C rather than the normal 15 degrees C.  Bad for glaciers.  It was clear with no wind.

The parting look at Hosteria Lago Tyndell, our hotel, on the Rio Serrano outside the park.

Today was the day to see waterfalls.

Salto Chico (Little Waterfall)

Salto Grande

We followed the 4 kilometer path to Mirador Cuernos.  See how clear it is?  This was our last cloudless photo.  On the way we heard at least three big explosions.  What was that?

At the overlook were people from Brazil, Argentina, France, England, and the USA.  We sat there watching and listening for explosive glacial movement.  Usually there was only a ghostly image of drifting ice crystals where a portion had broken and fallen, but we heard a roar like a locomotive.   As we sat there for about fifteen minutes, the wind started up.

Now there were white caps on Lago Nordernskjold.

A last look:

January 21, 2013

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  1. OMG. The pictures are wonderful. Such a peaceful scene. OK. I wanna book a seat with you guys next time. I think you'd be the best tour guides I could find.