Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The healthy wayfarer sitting beside the road scanning the horizon open before him, is he not the absolute master of the earth, the waters, and even the sky? What house dweller can vie with him in power and wealth? His estate has no limits, his empire no law. No word bends him toward the ground, for the bounty and beauty of the world are already his. –Isabelle Eberhardt

Wow!  I celebrated my birthday all day today.  What did we do?  A walk to the main square, Plaza Munoz Gamero, where there is a monument to honor the 400th anniversary of Magellan arriving to the area.  The sides have reliefs of the Ona, the people who lived here in the beginning.  Rubbing his toe is supposed to bring good luck.

The rest of the day we drove south of Punta Arenas as far as we could drive.  The lupins were nearly three feet tall and so varied in color according to their age, deep purple to pink, white and yellow.

Since it was the weekend, many, many Chilean families were out camping along the water.  The tide was low revealing tide pools and masses of mussels.  It was a warm, windless day, so there were no waves.  The water of the Strait of Magellan was cool, but there were a few folks who waded into it.

Chilean Fuchsia

A beautiful bloom, but extremely sticky to your socks.

Supper was at a recommended seafood spot, La Luna.  It was wonderful.  What a bar!  What a birthday!


                                                January 19, 2013

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