Sunday, January 20, 2013

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. –LaoTzu *

Our journey to the bottom of Chile is much longer than a 1000 miles.  Visually we might be upside down to you, but we have our feet firmly planted on the earth.  Our flight on a new Dreamliner from Los Angeles was 11 long hours, peppered with too many movies, and deprived us of much needed sleep. Santiago is five hours ahead of Pacific Daylight Time and creates jet lag.  But the weather is lovely, and you find the occasional unusual metro art.

Our Airbnb apartment was close to the center of Santiago so we easily walked to the Plaza de Armas.

Santiago is a high rise city, and our apartment was in this building on the 7th floor.  From the 33rd floor, you could see some of the city to the east.

Tomorrow we get a bit closer to the bottom of the world.

*Travel quotes thanks to Linda and Bill and their gift.

                                                               January 16-17, 2013


  1. Our first trip we stayed near the Plaza de Armas as well,it looks pretty clear,have fun!

  2. Just beginning to see your wonderful journey in Chili. One place I too would love to visit.