Thursday, February 2, 2017

Adios Galapagos!

Today is our last full day in the Galapagos Islands.  As we ate breakfast, we could see big waves breaking beyond the end of Puerto Baquerizo's harbor out past Punta Carola.

Hiking past the Interpretation Center, we found Playa Carola and started up to Cerro de Las Tijeretas or Frigate Bird Hill with several overlooks.

We spotted two blue footed boobies quite a ways away.

Reaching an overlook, we saw this beach in the distance.  "Psst," said Jim and pointed down where he was standing.  Here is what we saw a few feet below us:

We continued on the path up and down and around which included a statue of Darwin and the animals.

At this point I continued on my own trying to reach Playa Baquerizo, a snorkeling beach about two kilometers further.  Before the unpaved trail began, I reached the highest point on the hill with great views in all directions, including back towards the village.

The trail was hardened mud down hill, a little beach sand, but, largely, lava rocks to hop.  Short black and green markers with white tops kept me going in the right direction until they didn't.  At that point I turned back, and I had walked over an hour. This was the trail: 

On my way back I was sometimes close to the water.  A sea lion seeking a warm purchase kept being moved in by the big waves.  The waves were even reaching my feet.

After returning in time for a late lunch with Jim, we went to watch the sea lions.  What an incredible and unique experience it has been to visit the Galapagos Islands.  Adios!

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