Monday, February 6, 2017

In Hot Water

We, especially Jim, love hot tubs, hot springs, steam rooms, and saunas.  Ecuador has a few of them including Chachimbiro which is 40 minutes from Otavalo.  Santagua manages a very economical resort for us seniors.  For $40 per person we enjoyed the run of the myriad pools, a lovely room with hot water and cable TV overlooking everything, and three bountiful meals each day.

A corporal (body) massage including a facial was offered.  I paid my $15 and discovered it was this great massage with red Andean mud lasting about half an hour.  What fun!  And what a sight my red body was afterwards!

Jim wanted to try one of the tube slides, but I do not think he did.

Temperatures ranged from cold to cool to warm to very warm to hot to very hot.  The steam room was very, very hot.  My favorite was the individual tub where I could soak in my preferred temperature of water and read my book at the same time.

                                We stayed two very restful days with nearly no one else there.

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