Sunday, February 5, 2017

More Markets

The huge square building containing the Otavalo food market was bigger than any Costco I have ever seen.  It is so big that the center probably could have held the animal market, but doesn't for obvious reasons.

Clothes are in one section, flowers, fresh cut meat and fish, dry goods, and produce are in others.  A ready to sit down and eat area is in one corner.  Just like Costco but Ecuadorian style; nothing is packaged.

Rice, lentils, other grains

Fresh salty platano chips, corn nuts, fried fava beans

Many pasta varieties

Cherimoya fruit


These potatoes probably came from the potato market.  We did go to the potato market, but there were just huge bags of potatoes.  We estimated the bags held about 50 kilos, and many men were hunched over carrying them on their backs.


Most people do not like having their photo taken, so I have a night photo of the Indian craft market.  Most had gone home, and in their place were little street food stands.

The Indian craft market by day.

What did you buy at the market today?  I bought two pair of alpaca socks, an alpaca shawl, a mango, a cherimoya, and fresh bread.  We also bought lemon meringue pie and vanilla ice cream at the Shenandoah Pie Shop which is opposite the south side of the market.

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