Friday, January 9, 2015

The Brooklyn Bridge

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge is near the top of what to do when in Manhattan.  What a great walk, especially if you stay on your side, are careful, and watch where you are and where you are going.  It can be close when folks walking from the opposite bank of the East River commandeer the whole space.  Half of the total space is reserved for bikers.  People have been killed, both pedestrians and riders who have made a misstep, over-stepped, dodged the wrong way, or did not see what was going on around them.  It is a dangerous route for all.  But it is amazing.  Such views!

I think walking from Brooklyn to Manhattan provides the best views.

Occasionally there are wide spaces for viewing, people watching, and reading about the history of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Arriving on the Manhattan side, we continued walking through parts of Chinatown and Little Italy on our way back to the Upper West Side.

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