Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Cloisters

When you go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, you also get entry to The Cloisters.  Man, I do not know how you could do justice to two museums in one day.  First, it is a long subway ride to Upper Manhattan to reach The Cloisters. Second, once you get there, you would want to at least sample the Dominican food available in the Washington Heights neighborhood.  Then you gladly take a long and winding path that leads up the hill.

I loved seeing the tapistries.  Religious art is something I know little about and understand even less.  The stonework and the ironwork are the works I appreciate.

A door knocker.

An acrobat.

A planter or water vessel.

There was an outside terrace accessible from the inside with great views of the Hudson River.

A different path down led us through more of the beautiful fall landscape.


  1. A beautiful place,love the stonework also!

  2. I like the homeless man in the first and last photo. You captured his independence very well.