Sunday, August 8, 2010

Busker Festival

Catedral de Barcelona was our first stop today.  As the locals worshipped by watching the priest celebrate mass via monitors because they were so far back from the altar, we tourists were allowed to wander in the back 1/3 of the church, view the smaller chapels, and make a donation to light an LED candle.

Learning the subways commanded a lot of our time, but we managed to get to the funicular that led up to Montjuic, Mount of the Jews, to go to the Miro Museum, but it closed early on Sunday, and we were advised not to wait.

Throwing our hands up in the air, we headed to the beach.  Little did we realize, but Barcelona is a beach city.  Miles and miles of beaches are literally full of 1000s of people, all sorts of people doing all sorts of things.

Today was the last day of a Busker's Festival.  For Barcelona this meant many street musical groups, not itinerant performers.  We saw several including an African style group with ethnic instruments, a ska group, the Pullup Orchestra from Switzerland which had a lead singer that sang rap to the brass band's antics, an Orcesta Atipica whose members' faces were painted white integrating artistic features as they sang acapella, a jazzy foursome, and a rock band.

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  1. Sort of like another "festival" we know with lots and lots of people. You guys are really doing a great job with the blog. Something for you to look back on when you are home.