Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Coots, Geese, and Swans

Kew Gardens is a lovely, huge green area with many large conservatories or green houses to display plants from an ocotillo cactus of Mexico and the largest indoor plant, a Chilean Wine Palm, to live butterflies enclosed in a tropical area.  We found a Christmas tree sized Douglas Fir on the grounds and looked for the redwood grove, but it eluded us.  There was an amazing amount of things for kids to do from taking a tree canopy walk to climbing like vines.

We discovered a beautiful lily pad pond.  Near that was a pond with a beautiful bridge to use as a crossing to an original Japanese Mikuna house that is made of wood with a thatch roof.   A mother coot and two small ones were wading close to the bridge while many Canadian geese and at least five swans were swimming on the other side.

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  1. Just returned home from Bonneville. Saw a lot of Burners heading west out of Utah, Colorado and parts further on. Once we hit the Wadsworth turnoff then it was dozens and dozens, well over 100 heading east from California. This was on Monday after the gates opened. I like the picture of you two on the tour bus. Looks as if they are bussing seniors in to the event now. Last night we parked in Boomtown and several Burners were there also, most in the hotel. Still not clear if you guys went to BM or are still on holiday. Enjoy yourselves either way.