Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Day in the Life

Today was the only whole day Kathy and Austin had in London, so they got to choose what we did.  Of course, we had to muck about figuring out transportation and boarding passes for the airport, arranging housing for Jim and Becky's last six days, and eating breakfast.  We finally got started about 11 AM and were off on the bus to Buckingham Palace to see if we could see the Changing of the Guard.  Since it happens every other day, we hoped to see it, but we didn't, besides, we were too late.  No matter. 

We headed on towards Big Ben at the Houses of Parliament.  At the entrance to Downing Street we peered down towards #10.  No one seemed to be about except some folks getting their picture taken in front of it.  They must have had some pull as most people cannot get onto the street as of 2005.

For the main adventure of the day, we took a river cruise down the Thames to Greenwich from The Eye of London, a gigantic ferris wheel like structure.  There was a Ricky Gervais type guide on the boat, so we enjoyed the commentary about the buildings we saw on the way.  At Greenwich we ate lunch with most of us enjoying traditional fish and chips. 

Back on the boat, we got off at the Tower of London.  It was nearly ready to close, so Austin decided to tour a naval ship that was commissioned in 1936 until 1963.  The Belfast played an important role during World War II by destroying a German ship that was four times its own size and helping in the D-Day invasion at Normandy.

We had not been on the London underground yet, so we made our first foray late in the day.  It isn't much more complicated or easier than the metros in Madrid, Barcelona, or Paris.  You still have to know where you are, where you are going, and which line to follow.  It is probably easier to take a bus if you know which one will take you to where you want to go.  Or you could take a taxi, which Kathy and I did coming from Charring Cross Station.  There is lots of construction going on about the city in readiness for the Summer Olympics in 2012.

After checking out Speakers Corner in Hyde Park, we had a bit of supper at the Eastside Bar and Restaurant, a part of the Imperial College campus where we are staying.  The beer and food are a good value compared to restaurants off the site.  Saying good bye to Kathy and Austin was hard tonight.  Our adventures together are nearly over.

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  1. I always find it hard to say good-bye.. sometimes I just skip it. you will be home soon, but I don't need to tell you (but, of course I will), you have made a ton of wonderful forever memories together. what an awesome experience.