Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Reunion

We spent a quiet first day in La Roque Gageac.  Becky and I were up early and walked down to the fast moving but glass like river which reflected the trees across the way and the buildings and cliff behind us.  This very small village is literally built into the cliffs.  We can see the stone constructions high above and open caves that sheltered people through the ages. We had breakfast on our tile terrace that is covered in vines with small purple grapes.  We had half expresso, half hot milk with baguette and Nutella, and yogurt.  Later there were exciting electrical storms that spread down the valley, and rain that turned the river below.  It is an idylic place.  Our house is the middle one.

 Erin, John and Kylie joined us this afternoon after they spent the morning in Toulose.  Erin ran two hours this morning after flying yesterday.  Tomorrow we will spend the morning on the river in canoes, and Tuesday we plan to go to Lascaux Caves and will try to see others as well.  The wine has been wonderful in Spain and France and somehow very luxurious to have a bottle brought to the table to share over dinner.  Kathy

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