Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cliff Notes

We had a smooth ride from Paris to Calais on one of the efficient, clean and fast European trains that make travel within Europe so easy.  Calais is a blur because Becky and I just had time to catch a cab to the ferry.  Another hour and a half of floating pleasure complete with a glass of complimentary champagne (B's planning paid off again), and we were in Dover.  The White Cliffs were visible from miles away.  We got ourselves to the B and B and decided after lunch to walk up to Dover Castle and to the top of the cliffs.  Well, we hiked up and around and through the woods and over the hill and dale (whatever that is) and along the busy road for two hours, but we made it.  There they were, the tops of what we had seen before.  But we did learn how important and celebrated these distinctive white cliffs are to the British and many others.  We came down on a path that we had found on our arrival and made it down in 25 minutes.  Kathy

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