Thursday, August 5, 2010

Feet Don't Want to Walk

John, Erin, and kids left this am heading south for Barcelona.  We will meet them at the apartment in two days.  Becky, Jim, and I decided to walk to Domme, a few kilometers away, and started down a lane that parallels the already very busy main road that passes in front of our village.  After walking through a walnut grove, we realized that from then on it would be walking through a narrow strip of freshly cut grasses with nettles within inches of the busy traffic.  Jim decided this was not the way he wanted to spend his day and turned back, but Becky and I trudged on lugging our picnic lunch and finally made it to the bridge leading into Cenac. 

On the middle of the bridge is a fairly fresh plant with a ribbon with French colors sitting beside two bronze plaques honoring two local heroes of the resistance who were captured, tortured, and thrown from the bridge in 1944 by the "German hordes".  We're not sure of the translation of the word hordes, but it is obvious that the memories are still there. 

We ended up finding a nice grassy spot above the river for lunch and  wandering around Cenac. There was no energy left to walk up the hill 2 km to Domme.  The walk back was easier, but we haven't done much, especially since we knew there was a circus setting up in town.  We are thinking about leaving a day early and heading south.  Kathy

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