Friday, August 6, 2010

Puigcerda, the Hidden Gem of the Pyrennes

When we left La Roque Gageac, we knew we did not want to follow the road all the way to the Mediterranean coast.  At Tolouse we headed south to Andorra and Spain.  The mountains were really beautiful in their summer raiment of verdant green forests and meadows filled with wildflowers.  Our road led us through tunnels, the first of which was 2 kms long.  We could have taken one 4 kms long, but we chose to drive over the top of the mountain, Col Puymoyens, instead.

Immediately after entering Spain, we headed to Puigcerda, a small city with lots of inexpensive yet quality shops, a tower that avoided bombing during the Spanish Civil War, and a great older hotel with pine flooring and great views of La Cerdanya valley.  It literally twinkled as we looked out before heading off to our beds.  We got back to the hotel just as life on the streets was heating up. 

Up early, I was the only one in town. The views from the hotel are of a long valley with mountains on all sides.  There are villages spotted  across the landscape of the 10 or more miles we can see in three directions.  We are eating cheese, yogurt, peaches, strawberries, and bread in the room before we are off to Barcelona.  Kathy

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