Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Les jardins suspendus

Kathy, John, Erin, Kylie and Becky set off for what they thought was a 'quick trip' to the market in Sarlat (just a 15 minute drive away). We quickly found that Sarlat is THE tourist destination of our region, as there were 1000s of people roaming the street and lines of traffic everywhere. Forty-five minutes later, and without finding the market, we escaped the madness but were determined to make the trip worthwhile, so we followed the signs to 'Marqueyssac - Les jardins suspendus', or, the overhanging gardens.

It is a private estate completely  restored and finished in 1997, set atop an amazing ridge with incredible views to the valleys below everywhere you look. One section of  the garden was intricate topiaries of boxwood, sometimes whimsical. There was even a labyrinth that Kylie and Kathy circumnavigated. A majority of the garden was more like a park, with trails leading through the deciduous forest to vistas, fountains, tree forts and waterfalls. The trails, although very safe, followed along precipitous drops, literally straight down to the valley below They weren't for those with a fear of heights.

Kylie really enjoyed the resident peacocks that roamed the grounds and joined us at our table for lunch. Kylie, Austin, Erin and John are off to Bordeaux for the night on Wednesday.  -John

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  1. The topiaries would be somthing to see, I would love seeing the views too. How lucky for you guys to get overwhelmed with a short trip to the market and end up at a private estate on a hill top!!