Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bilbao's Gehry's Guggenheim

Centering in A Matter of Time by Richard Serra
July 28, 2010 Wednesday

We left Santillana del Mar, past the church, small closed shops, the torture museum (the second that Austin has visited).  We headed toward Bilbao, and when we stopped for gas, there was a wonderful coffee bar inside with a little patio.  B and I had a Spanish tortilla (like a pie without the crust made of eggs and any other ingredients you have handy, and J and A had a chocolate croissant.  Driving in Bilbao is something that the book says not to do...  but we did and found a parking garage near the museum, a short walk along the river.  It is an amazing creation by Frank Gehry and finished in 1997.  I came here the year after it was finished, and since then it has become really busy. There were shows by Anish Kapoor with a cannon that fires blood red cannisters of gooey wax into a corner and the pile of oozing globs of matter feel like they will engulf the viewer.  Robert Rauschenberg had compositions created with junkyard objects. There were permanent installations that included Richard Serra's A Matter of Time, the huge spider, "Puppy", a huge topiary covered with flowers, and Jenny Holzer messages that flashed in moving red lights on vertical lines from floor to ceiling (about 50 feet). 

Last night we drove to Gernika and visited the Peace Museum; a museum for all the people of the world to have lasting peace.


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